Experience Gratitude

Experience gratitude in your life. Be thankful for all the gifts in your life, and all the reasons you are appreciative. Think of the people who you are so fortunate to have, and think of yourself and how far you have come. Feel from the love in your heart, and let go of the pain. “Relinquish all regrets, grievances, and resentments. Choose the miracle.” – Deepak Chopra

Have the intention, and go with the choice to forgive, and move from the pain. Choose to be happy, and choose to live a fulfilling life, one dedicated to love, understanding, and positivity.

We are our greatest challenge, and our greatest asset. How we perceive the world ultimately determines how we see it.

See the world for the beauty that it holds, and live a life of gratefulness, peace, and happiness.


Stop the worry. Stop the stress.

Stop worrying, and stop stressing – they’re not good for you, and they do nothing for your cause. If something is causing you worry or stress, remove it from you. Worrying or stressing about something will not work to your benefit, it will do quite the opposite. Either way, if it is something that has to get done, it will get done – and that will be up to you to do it.

Whatever it is you have to do, do it out of love, and be grateful to be in the situation of doing it – whatever it may be. Enjoy what life puts in front of you, and make the best of it. At the end of the day, everything is going to be alright. There are certain situations where this is difficult, and may not apply – but the more we apply these ideals, the easier our lives will be.

Stress and worry is a disease that we carry with us, and for many of us, we have been taught and/or taught ourselves to live this way. But just as we were taught these things, we can unlearn them, and evolve into new patterns and habits that will benefit us greatly.

As soon as we begin to break the chains, is the moment we begin to break free from the things that hold us back. It is a choice, and we can take charge of our lives. It is a journey, and it will not be easy (for things take time to unlearn) but we will continue to grow each moment we choose better alternatives. May your day be calm, mellow, stress-free and happy.


The World is what you see

the world is what you see

the world is what you see

“Your thoughts are your reality” – I am told this in everything I am reading, studying, hearing, watching…it must be true!

I’m not sure what to believe anymore, and as they all say “fear” will bring us back to what is comfortable, our old thoughts and habits.

I’m trying to do my best to live in the present, to live in the moment, to enjoy every second, and forget about the past and stop worrying about the future. I realize now that I have many problems that I have always had. Many things that have happened in my life have created the way that I have become. But I don’t have to continue to let those things hurt me. I can change, just like everyone else can.

The information is just overwhelming, and the constant realizations that I have thought the wrong way for so long is really hard to deal with sometimes, but it’s okay. Nothing can change overnight, so neither can I. Patience is a virtue right now. Slowly, day by day it will get better – it is just fighting everything inside of me to not resort back to my old ways of thinking and seeing the world. It is much easier to drown in sorrow, and feel like the world is against you – than it is to say, “I create my own reality”.

Some of this is hard for me to believe right now, because I did not choose for many of the things that have happened in my life – however if our thoughts really do create our reality, then who knows…All I know is now I am starting to believe, and I am being positive (trying to at least) and much more hopeful of the good that is to come. I am experiencing a change in my attitude, and beginning to see results. I feel as if I keep going on this journey, and continue to learn, and read, and write, and listen – I will create the life that I want, and in doing so the world I envision.

We are only responsible for ourselves, and so only ourselves we can change. We can change our thoughts, our dreams, our lives, and our routines. Knowing this now, puts me at ease. I still struggle with what others are doing around me, but that too shall pass (I hope.)

Sticking with it is the hard part, but just like the rest – patience…move slow…believe…I have nothing to lose.


Filter the Negativity

get the positive ripples

get the positive ripples

“Filter the Negativity to produce positive ripples…” – Cherie Roe Dirksen

How True and wise this statement is. So many situations, so many opportunities to feel negative, but each time we resisit them, and each time we choose to take the positive outlook – we are winning, and we are growing stronger. Our lives will be happier, longer, healthier and we will inspire, spread, and share the positive effects. You can do it. We all can do it together.


Life: A Game and Journey

Life truly is a journey, of wonderful curiosity and anticipation. As children we have no idea what to expect, or how things work. As time goes on, we begin to pick up some of these unexpected wonders, and it turns into more of a game. You start without any clue on how to play, or what the rules are, but as you advance you begin to figure it out. Each day, week, month and year we learn new things, and apply it to the things we have already learned or decided. As we go on thru the ages, we get better at different things. We make improvements in our strength, minimize our weaknesses, increase our awareness, better our understanding of ourselves, people and the world, advance our communication, and make better decisions; we become more clear of our purpose, intentions, and dreams; we then begin to formulate better plans on achieving these new goals; we reach those, or move past them and look for new direction and stages in our lives. We move on to the next level, where we get to experience new things which we can learn from. There are an undefined number of levels, and there is no winning or losing. Life is but, again – a journey, and a game – and just like all games, the more we play, the better we become. Except this game isn’t plugged into an outlet and lit up on your screen. There are no chores that must be done before you play, or homework to be done. There are no limitations or restrictions, only the ones we place on ourselves. Life is a wonderful, beautiful, joyous adventure, in which we decide the outcome and results. Live your life with purpose and passion, and you will race thru the levels and be rewarded with more adventures and experiences. Thru those you will grow infinitely. There is no limit to where you can go, what you can do, or how much you can achieve. Love and Believe in yourself and your life is going to be everything you ever wanted or expected.

“8 Ways to Transform Your Health before 8am” – True Activist


8 Ways to Transform Your Health before 8 AM

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Image Credit: Flickr / Tom Mooring

Image Credit: Flickr / Tom Mooring

By: Amanda Froelich,

True Activist.

It’s 6 AM, the morning is covered in darkness, and before you’ve gotten out of bed you’re already planning your day. From what you’ll have for breakfast to the extra-curricular activities you need to attend for your kids, you have a busy schedule… so who has time for health?

Luckily the following activities will not only jump start your health, but by positively benefiting your body will enhance your overall happiness, self-esteem, and support increased energy to allow you to go easily about your day.

1. Rebounding

If you have a small or large trampoline, one of the greatest things you can do for your health daily is to rebound (jump!) for at least 5 minutes. Exercise, running or jumping in general, stimulates the movement of your lymphatic system (where most toxins and mucus have coagulated on their route out of the body), therefore moving your lymph will improve the joy you feel and stimulate detoxification which will help you create glowing health.

2. Meditate for 5-15 minutes

Sit and be. Don’t let anything disrupt your hurried campaign, there will be plenty of time to think, mull over, and take action on the to-do’s on your list. For now, sit in silence and appreciate stillness. It can do wonders for your blood pressure and mental health.

3. Stretch it Out

Remember that yoga mat you bought to inspire movement? Well get it out of the closet and practice some basic asanas to improve your oxygenation, blood flow, and stimulation to the brain. Re-aligning and massaging your spinal nerves can help benefit your sense of ‘well being’, and yoga has also been shown to reduce stress, stimulate the immune system, and increase your happiness.

4. Gratitude List (10 Things)

Before even rising out of bed, be grateful. Thank (Spirit, God, yourself, your family) for your grandmother, your awesome promotion at work, your next trip, or simple, intrinsic wonders you value. Don’t let anything go and mentally give grace for at least ten things a day. You’ll be surprised how focusing on the good can already jump start a happier day.

5. Drink a cup of Tea

Chamomile, Green Tea, Black, Chai? Whatever one calls to you, take a minute – or five – and drink some tea. Preferably sit outdoors so you can bask in the sunrise, or go over your Gratitude List while sipping some herbal goodness. Medicinal teas such as Tulsi or Green Tea have very soothing effects; from lowering blood pressure to increasing anti-oxidants, this simple you-time can do some much for your health.

6. Listen to the Serene Sounds

Do you live in an area where you can hear a creek? Coyote howl or bird whistle? Kids playing outdoors? Either in your stretch session, with a cup of soothing tea, or on its own, feel the presence of all that is. There is always something happening, so be still and appreciate it.

7. Set Intentions

A great time to set intentions is before you’ve begun your hurried day. Like a vision board, set positive mental intentions for what you’d like to achieve, focusing most on the intrinsic goals you’d like to attain. Feeling and asking for what you’d like to bring into your life with a positive and happy mindset can do great things to help you align mentally and bring balance before starting your day.

8. Give a Compliment

Brighten someone else’s day now that you’ve found your Chi through your simple tasks. Thank the doorman, pay for someone else’s coffee, or just send a smile to another who looks like they might need it. Sharing the love is one of the greatest way to continue improving your health and happiness.

With all activities, you’ll find that you radiate a sense of calm, a projected presence that naturally everyone is supposed to exude. Align yourself with holistic living and thought, and you’ll realize it’s easier than every to go about your day with improved health and sense of purpose.


Meditation Benefits

Yoga Benefits

The 5 languages of Love

The 5 languages of Love

This will teach you about yourself, and what your “language” is. I learned that some of the things I thought were important to me, aren’t as important as others. Love, Affection and Words of Affirmation are more important than any gift – but I didn’t realize until i had to choose between the 2 options. The more we learn about ourselves, the better we understand and the more we can be.

These are the 5 Languages they break us into – and after taking the quiz http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/ – you’ll quickly learn what’s truly important for you

physical touch

physical touch

Quality Time

Quality Time

receiving gifts

receiving gifts

acts of service

acts of service

words of affirmation

words of affirmation

Walk & Contemplate How Amazing Life is

contemplate how amazing life is

contemplate how amazing life is

It’s crazy how often we drowned in sorrow. A negative thought can turn into 100. Once our mind starts thinking a certain way, we forget about all the things we’re fortunate for. I’m certainly turn over a new leaf in that regard, and it’s working. When we think in the moment, when we focus on what we’re doing at the very moment we’re doing it (and stop thinking about the past, or the future) to just breathe, and not even think for a moment, and then “look up at the sky and contemplate how amazing life is” we really start living. I started walking religiously probably 4 years ago now – when I moved to Playa del Rey, right near the La Ballona Wetlands, and the La Ballona Creek. We were minutes from the entrance (we made) to plush, green, critter and bird infested, undiscovered (to most) wetlands, and we could take our (newly rescued at the time “Bandit”) and we’d let him off leash and he’d go run into the wild, like he’s supposed to. To get out there, away from everyone, and feel the fresh wind from the ocean and the hot sun against your skin, and hear the birds chirping, while Rabbits, frogs and ducks pass by, hummingbirds and butterflies floating in the air – it’s truly amazing, and i HIGHLY recommend it to anyone reading. We were also just a few minutes from the beach – and I’m not really sure if in the 3 years i live there, I had missed a month worth of walks combined. The ocean is magical – go sit down next to it, hear it, feel it and tell me you disagree. I won’t believe you. For me, it really puts into perspective how big the world is, how little we are, how there are billions just like us, in a galaxy so huge the earth is but a pimple in it, that same galaxy that is yet a pimple to the universe. These deep thoughts never come to my mind on the 405 freeway, or in my office at my desk, or sitting in front of the TV. These are the thoughts that come to me when I submerse myself in nature, walking and being in it. My pictures do it no justice – none can.

Me, Bandit, and Tanner

me and dito Me, Bandit, and Tanner

There is something about being outside, listening to the ocean, looking and hearing nature – that is unlike anything else in our world. I would get out there, and forget about all the bills, responsibilities, work, drama…I’d just grab a dog and go. I recently moved to Newport, and also (no coincidence) found a place right by the wetlands, The Back Bay. I sometimes find myself on a 2 hour walk, for the third time, and realize I’ve walked 5 hours in a day. I often times go before work, with my headphones on listening to Pandora stations of meditation – and a cup of tea. I usually go after work, or to catch the sunset – and sometimes even at night or dusk to catch the calmness and be alone.

backbay2 backbay back bay

I don’t try to preach, and not one to teach – i already know and realize i have MUCH to learn. But one thing i’ve come to believe, is that getting outside, taking a walk, and thinking about the world in a different way – certainly makes my life better, and believe it can do the same for you.

It’s free, it’s beautiful, it’s real – and it’s everywhere, just look for it, and you’ll find your little piece.



11 Life Changing Affirmations

11 Life Changing Affirmations

11 Life Changing Affirmations

Our attitude has a direct affect on the results we get in life. Being in a healthy state emotionally can help us in finances, romance and health. These affirmations when spoken or thought with emotion can change the way we think and feel to a more positive attitude.

  1. I enjoy feeling my connection with all that is.
  2. I choose to embrace everything and everyone with unconditional love.
  3. I see myself in everybody.
  4. Every moment I notice the blessings.
  5. Each situation is important for my growth.
  6. I feel at ease overall.
  7. My results are going through the roof.
  8. I am focusing on being who I want to be.
  9. My life is getting better each day.
  10. I appreciate my results and successes.
  11. Now I am whole