Life: A Game and Journey

Life truly is a journey, of wonderful curiosity and anticipation. As children we have no idea what to expect, or how things work. As time goes on, we begin to pick up some of these unexpected wonders, and it turns into more of a game. You start without any clue on how to play, or what the rules are, but as you advance you begin to figure it out. Each day, week, month and year we learn new things, and apply it to the things we have already learned or decided. As we go on thru the ages, we get better at different things. We make improvements in our strength, minimize our weaknesses, increase our awareness, better our understanding of ourselves, people and the world, advance our communication, and make better decisions; we become more clear of our purpose, intentions, and dreams; we then begin to formulate better plans on achieving these new goals; we reach those, or move past them and look for new direction and stages in our lives. We move on to the next level, where we get to experience new things which we can learn from. There are an undefined number of levels, and there is no winning or losing. Life is but, again – a journey, and a game – and just like all games, the more we play, the better we become. Except this game isn’t plugged into an outlet and lit up on your screen. There are no chores that must be done before you play, or homework to be done. There are no limitations or restrictions, only the ones we place on ourselves. Life is a wonderful, beautiful, joyous adventure, in which we decide the outcome and results. Live your life with purpose and passion, and you will race thru the levels and be rewarded with more adventures and experiences. Thru those you will grow infinitely. There is no limit to where you can go, what you can do, or how much you can achieve. Love and Believe in yourself and your life is going to be everything you ever wanted or expected.


I Choose Happiness

i choose happiness

Only you are in control of how you feel. You don’t need anything, or anyone to feel any sort of way. Choose how you feel, and choose happiness.

Live in the Present – Spread the word

Live in the present

Live in the present

I have learned many things in my life, but I’m not sure if anything is more important than this piece of advice that says, “Live in the moment, live in the present”

It boggled my mind trying to figure this out. “But what about all the things that have happened to me in my life?”, “That’s why I am the way that I am! It’s not my fault.” “But what about the future? How am I ever going to be anything, or have anything if I’m not worried about my future?” The past and the future were always on my mind, and I could never shut my mind off. I didn’t know how to relax, and I truly felt sleeping was a waste of time. I was literally racking my brain ALL day and driving myself absolutely crazy. That was until…I began to look at myself closer, and I began to work on myself, and learn everything I could to begin changing the way I thought. Therapy helped guide me on to some of the knowledge I now speak from. Many books and films have helped change this old frame of mind. In the book, “Change your mind and you life will follow” the author Karen Casey, repeats over and over again that what you think is what you believe, and if you change those thoughts, you can be happy. Everything is our own doing, and all people have come into our lives for a reason, to teach us a lesson. This attitude can change your entire world upside down, and you can be happier than you ever knew you were capable of just by applying some new thinking techniques into your life. Another thing she often talks about is this same principle (over and over again she speak of this) “Live in the Present”

I’ve been living in the present for less than 2 months now, and i have never been so happy. Anytime those negative thoughts start to creep back into my mind, or anytime i start to feel like i’m losing control – I come right back to RIGHT NOW. Whatever I am doing, i just simply start to say it out loud (or in my head) for example: “I am standing on the balcony, the sun is shining on my face, my plants are soaking it up, birds are flying around me, the sounds and smells are beautiful….life is good!” And I immediately start to come back to the moment and enjoy it for what it is. Each moment is a blessing, and we never know when it will be our last. Life is precious, and life is ever changing. One thing that is certain, is that nothing is certain and nothing will ever remain the same. Already writing this article, I will never have that time back, nor will I miss it or wish for it back. And worrying about tomorrow is a burden to us all, that we don’t have to carry.

Live in the moment, and you too will begin to feel free, happy, and healthy. Whatever you are doing, enjoy it – because it is exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Love yourself, and love others for who they are. We are all connected.

Much Love,


Be Confident.

be confident

Being confident is different from being arrogant, big headed, or cocky. Those things are unattractive, and a hindrance to yourself and others. Confidence is being happy with who you are, and loving yourself. This is one of the most attractive qualities a person can have, and for yourself, one of the healthiest things you can do.

Accept yourself, and hold your head up high – smile at people when you walk by, and say hello. Don’t look at people in judgement, rather glance with your heart knowing that we are all different, and there is no need for comparisons, envy, approval or anything at all.

We hurt ourselves trying to be someone else, and we waste time on something that doesn’t matter. stop the comparisons, they’re not real. it doesn’t matter what someone else has, looks like, does, can or can’t afford, dresses like, drives, laughs, etcetera. All that matters is what you do, and how you feel about it. We all have our own strengths that we can be proud of – but it’s not about being proud. Put the ego aside and we no longer aim to be ‘proud’ – instead we just do the things that make us happy, and there is no other reason to do anything.

Accept who you are and confidence will radiate from you. People can see it, and many will feel it. Energy is real, and what you put out you will attract. Be confident, feel confident, and walk confidently through this short life and you will attract all the positivity and confidence you deserve.


Be thankful for the bad things in Life

be thankful for the bad things

It’s a hard one to accept, and a weird thing to read on this site – but I really believe it’s true. I believe it’s true that ALL things happen for a reason. Whether or not they are easy or hard to accept, it has ALWAys helped my outlook, and made things better.

I have had many bad things happen in my life (most of us have) and I have made many mistakes (who hasn’t?) both of which have led to bad things – but they have taught me lessons that have made me the person I am today, and I’m happy with who I am, I am happier with things I didn’t see before, and I am happier with the new things I now have. With the bad comes the good, and often times we become wiser, smarter, more appreciative and thankful. We learn from our misfortunes and mistakes, and we grow. There is something to learn from every situation we experience in life, and if we take all the lessons we’ve learned and apply them to our lives today – we can be thankful for the bad and the good.


“Act, Don’t React”

Don’t let others affect you to the point where you do something you will later regret. Control yourself. Put yourself in good situations. Be the person who makes the first play, control the action. You are powerful beyond what you could ever imagine. Take control of your emotions and your life.

You are your thoughts

thoughts are everything

If we change our thoughts, we can change our lives


“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” – James Allen